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These tours are operated by our own touring brand, New Frontiers Escapes. They are innovative and carefully researched and curated – and are designed to take guests off the beaten-track and away from the crowds. Whilst the itineraries have specific highlights and activities, we are able to craft and tailor this according to specific preferences, be that history, nature, food, wine, art, adventure or cultural interactions.



We offer complete flexibility – and our tours are adaptable on an hour-to-hour basis to suit guests’ needs and changing weather conditions throughout the day. Where you go and what activities you do are up to you. So, whilst there is an itinerary in place, our guides will also discuss touring with guests the morning before they set-off to tailor touring to their exact requirements.


Our custom Adventure Utility Vehicles (AUV) come equipped with pre-packed hiking packs, a fully stocked gourmet pantry with drinks included and a travelling toy box for families.

Gourmet Pantry


Onboard gourmet pantry – we include a full refreshment bar and locally sourced gourmet snack pantry with the option of local eats, wild picnics and tasting tables – so you are never tied down to restaurant reservations and can travel at your own pace.


Our hand-picked, Expert Guides are highly skilled and their alignment with the New Frontiers Escapes brand is paramount to their appointment. Natural hosts, extremely passionate, knowledgeable and professional; each guide imparts knowledge through storytelling, piquing interest until the very end. Viewed as the best in Africa in their fields, they have a wealth of experience and stories to share.

Expert Guides
Fine Dining


our NFE tours can be geared towards families across all ages, from multi-generational trips to extended family travel, and affords the opportunity to explore, engage and interact through a series of fun activities, using our iconic sights as our adventure playground. Our guides are adept at dealing with a range of ages and the brief on a family tour is simple...'always keep it simple and flexible' - and importantly, for special attention to be given to the children, so as to allow parents the time to enjoy it all.


The New Frontiers Escapes in-house guide training academy, is designed and overseen by some of the finest training minds in the industry. The academy facilitates initial and ongoing training necessary to ensure that our guides remain exceptional!

Tasting Tables
Fine Dining


We collaborate with a handful of hop-on specialists across various disciplines and have access to a unique portfolio of creatives, experts, authorities and professionals on various topics and across a broad range of subjects for serious buffs.